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  • Địa chỉ: Nha A10, HH06 KĐT VIET HUNG, QUAN LONG BIEN, HN
  • Điện thoại: 0914355485
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NCC Thường là nhà cung cấp chưa được ChoDanSinh.NET chứng thực.
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Giới thiệu INTRODUCTIO KSMC is well-known as a leading company in supplying high-quality machinery, equipment, consumption,spare partsand excellent technical services in Vietnam. KSMC provide and satisfies customer 's demand with the best service and price. High technical products and services that KSMC provides: + Machinery, equipment, accessories… that are used in industrial and automatic factories. + Industrial and civil filter device + Automatic equipment (sensor, PLC…) + Hydraulic equipment (cylinder, solenoid valve…) + Measuring tools + Bearings – Motors – Pumps… + Cutting tools + Laser making, cutting and welding. + The best sales and after service in 48 hours. KSMC is the only authorized distributor that provides products and aftersales services in Vietnam for many famous brands: + CHISSO FILTER CO., LTD (JNC FILTER CO., LTD) (Industrial and civil filter device) + HAKKO CORPORATION (Soldering machines and tools) + PANASONIC Industrial Devices Automation Controles + T-H-M CO., LTD (Precision welders, Automatic peripheral machines) + KYOWA ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD (Electric equipment industry, automotive...) + SUMITOMO PRECISION PRODUCTS CO., LTD (Hydraulic & coolant pumps) + OSAWA & COMPANY (Industrial hygienic tools and machine) + YAMATO VENTURES, INC (Measuring tools, Lupe, Microscope…) + ELM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD (START CO., LTD) (Tape dispenser) + SAN-S INDUSTRY CO., LTD (Industrial magnet) + SCHLEUNIGER GROUP (Wire processing machines) + IMADA CO., LTD (Scales, Force gauge…) + JANOME SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD (Control program robot) + NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION (Manufacturer & Sales of Adjustable Speed Drives & Speed Reducers) + ANEST IWATA Corporation (Manufacture and sale of air compressors, pneumatic equipment, and air driven equipment) + NIIGATA SEIKI CO.,LTD (Manufacture and sale of a precision measurement tool) + RKC INSTRUMENT INC. (RIKA KOGYO CO., LTD) (Control equipment for Semiconductor manufacturing) + OTSUKA OPTICS CO., LTD ( Production and sales of illuminated magnifiers) .......................................
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